62-100 O’Connell Street

Towards a city with lively public spaces and higher rise buildings in designated zones

Modified design of 88 O'Connell

The development on the site at 62-100 O’Connell might have looked like this with a then Council that was prepared to pay upfront for much needed parking in the area- rather than expecting the developer to develop the site AND provide extra public parking, which has pushed the height of the building up.

This modified design is close to what the residents had expected and sits on the same footprint as the current 16-level proposal, illustrated below, which is under construction. A lower building on this footprint would mean fewer apartments which would free up car-parks for public use, and create an attractor, a plaza, at the front.

Isometric view of the current build at 62-100 O'Connell St
Source: the developer’s DA