North Adelaide can only be saved by attracting visitors, not just residents.
The only thing that will attract visitors is open spaces.
The previous plan had open spaces.
The current plan has none.
Visitors won’t come to a heavy old-fashioned building with arcades.
It demeans us as a modern city. It makes us look like fools, especially after 30 years.
It’s inconceivable that the undercroft will even function fully and it will, at some point, be an empty white elephant.
There are brilliant and proven options in our own city, Leigh and Peel Sts, the East End. They keep expanding.
Does Adelaide have a death wish that it can so easily discard a significant asset that might be leveraged, and enjoyed of course, for generations? An asset that should be the heart of the city.
We are foreclosing completely and permanently on our best option. We will never capitalise on our natural resources like Hahndorf, or Salamanca Place.
Is Council looking to immortalise its mismanagement for generations to come?

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