Archer Street

Some of you know and love North Adelaide. For those who don’t, it’s a marvellous stone heritage precinct rising up from the city and the Torrens River with a compact shopping strip lining one major road. Part of its charm is its human scale – most of its shops, offices and restaurants are no higher than 2 storeys. Looming over the precinct and threatening the amenity of the community is a brutal out-of-scale development proposed by the Adelaide City Council, desperate to recoup money it spent on an over-priced, long vacant piece of land.
Of course, a common community reaction is….’well, at last there will be something on this neglected site’…..but this is no excuse for an obscene overkill building that is completely out-of-character with the existing precinct.
The formulation, approval and scale of this development has been deliberately obscured and underplayed by the Adelaide City Council, so that many in the local and broader community are unaware of this planned desecration of the ambience and amenity of North Adelaide

An East End or European style development such as Council originally promoted would re-energise the area and re-vitalise its economy.

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